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1. Objectives of settlement monitoring/surveying?

 Settlement measurement, measuring of displacement of building ground slabs and construction works shall be executed in accordance with specific scheme for following objectives:

- Finalization of settlement values, absolute and relative displacements of ground slab and buildings against calculated data upon their design;

- Figure out causes of settlement, displacement and risk levels against normal working conditions of buildings and construction works. So, base on that proper solutions might be concluded for prevention of arising issues;

- Determination of typical necessary data in regard of stability of ground and construction works;

- Further verification and clarification of typical data related to the soil physical properties;

- Shall be used as data for checking of calculation methods, determination of settlement values, permissible limits of displacements for ground soil and other different construction works.


2. When shall settlement monitoring/control be executed? Which factors shall be figured out?

Settlement measurement, measuring of displacement of foundation of buildings and construction works shall be carried out during construction duration and shall be applied until stability of settlement and displacement are obtained. Displacement measuring, during operation of construction works, shall also be performed when appearing of big cracks or visible changes in service conditions of buildings and facilities.

During measurement of displacements of buildings and construction works following data shall be finalized (independently or in coincident):

- Vertical movement (settlement, deflection, convexity);

- Horizontal movement (displacement extent);

- Inclination;

- Cracks.