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Construction works/buildings after a long time of utilization or have been tranferred to several owners there shall appear a question that load bearing capacity is sufficient for current application or not? Only one solution for verification of actual load bearing capacity of that construction works shall be reinspection of actual conditions of construction works. With reinforcement concrete structures, geometry, materials property and steel diameter can be finalized, then, calculations shall be made based on available data. However, it is impossible to cut one steel bars in servicing structures for testing with a view to determine remaining load bearing capacity.

       Acknowledging these urgent demands ICCI insist on improving inspection services quality for accurate evaluation of actual load bearing capacity of construction works. Therefore, apart from common inspection methods ICCI also offer to customers on effective and reliable solution i.e. “static test”. With static test method we might figure out actual load bearing capacity of construction works and their actual deflection, deformation at each load level. This method shall be applied in accordance with TCXDVN 363 - 2006.

       Typical case study shall be Contract no. 338 HD/TCTCHKMN-DVTSN signed between ICCI and Tan Son Nhat Airline Service Company. By this contract ICCI has inspected 9745.4m2 of O-shape building in no. 112B Hong Ha – Ward no. 2, Tan Binh district, Ho Chi Minh city, which shall serve for upgrading and furnishing purposes. Special requirement shall be assessment of load bearing capacity of slab and structures against actual load conditions, ICCI has imposed load conditions over slab and measured of deflection at each load level. Subsequently, recalculations have been made for design purposes of the best upgrading solution.

       Besides, ICCI has also performed inspection for building located in no. 208 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia for upgrading of restaurant. This building has been built since French colonialism time with main structures are load bearing capacity walls, gravel-concrete slab reinforced by I100 steel profile beams, recently it has been reinforced by steel reinforcement concrete beams and columns. With complicated structural assemblies, ICCI has applied “static test” method for accurate determination of load bearing capacity and actual servicing of structural elements.

Load test procedure for level 2 (40% of design load)

Load test procedure for level 3 (60% of design load)

Load test procedure for level 6 (120% of design load)

Deflection measurement meter for Beam, Slab