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Quality verification of contruction work

 I. Objective of verification: 

Verification is for changing of work’s performance: Actually, the construction work is operated from time to time, it is necessary to change its performance for meeting current use demand such as: Office to be changed into workshop, dwelling house to be changed into office, dwelling - office to be changed into restaurant - hotel, Floor raising. At that time, ICCI will carry out verification for responding of customer’s questions: Whether performance transfer (or floor raising) is all right or not, if it is not ok, which position needs to be reinforced? 

Verification is for being aware of reasons for work’s problems: Some construction works are under problem of cracking, inclination, settlement when under construction or operating condition. At that time, ICCI will carry out verification for responding of customer’s 02 questions: Why are there such problems and how are they recovered?

Verification is for settling of conflicts: When conflicts are arisen between Project owner and Contractor regarding construction work’s quality. ICCI will carry out verification for responding of customer’s questions: Whether the work is carried out by Contractor as specified in the contract and standard or not? 

II. Working criteria of  ICCI : Verification is carried out for customer being clearly aware of Reason and Current Status of construction work in a Fast & Honest way. 

III. Tasks to be done during verification: 

1. Verification of concrete quality: 

  •  Verification of homogeneity (void, pores) of concrete. 
  • Testing of strength: 


Method to be carried out 

Applicable standards 

Normally used tools 

Assessment of stability 




Resilient shooting 

TCXDVN 162:2004

Resilient shooting: Matest-Italy


Fast preliminary determination 

Low accuracy, procedures carried out according to complex standards 


Ultrasonie combining with Resilient shooting 

TCXDVN 171:1989

Concrete echograph of Tico or Matest, ... and resilient shooting 


No failure of structure, determination of concrete homogeneity 

Much depending on the skills of performer.


Sample drilling, test compression 

TCXDVN 236:2005

Sample drilling machine and concrete compressor  


High accuracy 

Leaving of drilling hole defection in structure 

2. Testing of reinforcement: 

  • Determination of quantity, diameter and protecting layer for reinforcement according to TCXDVN 240:2000
  • Determination of reinforcement wear: TCXDVN-294-2003

3. Determination of width and depth of crack: 

  • Determination of crack’s width by crack magnifying device of 100. 
  • Determination of concrete crack’s depth according to TCXDVN 225:1998

4. In-situ test: 

  • Applicable standard: TCXDVN 363:2006 - Structure of reinforced concrete - Assessment of durability of structural bending components in construction work by dead load test. 
  • Principle: Loading on floor and measuring of deformation of components with accuracy of 0,01mm

5. Determination of construction work’s deformation: 

 + Normally-faced deformation: Crack, inclination, settlement and deflection. Applicable standard: Standard for design of current structure: Standard for assessment of danger level for construction work: TCXDVN 373:2006.