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Service of settlement monitoring for construction work

1. What is objective of settlement monitoring?

 The measurement of settlement and replacement of floor and construction work should be carried out according to specific program, aiming at the following objectives: 

- Determination of settlement values, relative and absolute replacement of floor and construction work, compared with calculated values in our design;

- Finding out reasons causing of settlement, replacement and their danger level for normal working process of house and construction work, on that basis, proper solutions will be given out, avoiding possible problems; 

- Determination of necessary specific parameters for stability of floor and construction work; 

- Correcting of data, which is specific for the physio-chemical properties of ground base; 

- Used as data for checking of calculation methods, defining of values for resettlement, allowable replacement for all kinds of different ground bases and construction works. 

2. When is settlement monitoring work carried out? Which values need to be determined? 

The measurement of settlement and replacement of floor and construction work is carried out during construction period and to be used until the stability of settlement and replacement can be obtained. The measurement of replacement during construction work operation can also be carried out when big cracks or clear change are appeared working conditions of house and construction work. 

During measuring of settlement for house and construction work, the following values must be determined (independently or simultaneously):

- Vertical replacement (settlement, deflection and emerging);

- Horizontal replacement (replacement); 

- Declination; 

- Crack.