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What to do when being supervision consultant? 

Constructing supervision for construction work is included as follows:

1. Acceptance and confirmation when the construction work is carried out correctly according to the design, construction codes and standards as well as quality security; 

2.Constructing Contractor is required to implement according to the contract;

3.Refusing for acceptance of construction work when the work is not qualified;

4.Suggesting Project Owner the illogicality of design for timely adjustment; 

The person who does this task will be called as "Engineer for supervision consultancy of wotk quality" and must obtain Professional Certificate. 

(Conditions for granting of Certificate for supervision of construction work):

Since August 10th, 2009, the granting of Certificate for supervision of construction work, for Architect working in construction industry, for Engineer working construction industry (called for short as Professional Certificate of Construction Activity) is carried out according to Decree no. 12/2009/NĐ-CP dated February 12th, 2009 by Government and Circular no. 12/2009/TT-BXD dated June 24th, 2009 by Ministry of Construction. 

Individuals are granted with Certificate for supervision of construction work must satisfy the following conditions: 

a)   Having civil rights and ability of civil act as specified by legal regulations; as for foreigner and Vietnamese settling in foreign countries, residence license must be available when residing in Vietnam as specified in laws. 

b)   Having professional conduct and records for registration of certificate granting as regulated and paying fees as regulated. 

c)    Having university graduate degree or more or college and intermediate-level graduate degree (as for Certificate of Construction Supervision for level IV construction wotk) under  training major, appropriate with professional registration contents, issued by legal training basements in Vietnam or in abroad. 

d)   Have directly taken part in making of design or constructing from 03 years or more or have participated in making of design or constructing at least 05 construction works, which have been accepted and handed over. 

e)   Have supervised construction work from 03 years or more (to be applied for the case before Construction Law has been valid (dated July 1st, 2004). 

 f)    Having a Certificate of Professional Continuation Training for Constructing Supervision, appropriate with the type of construction work to be registered in certificate, issued by recognized training basements). 


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