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Verification of design

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According to Decree no. 12/2009/NĐ-CP dated February 12th, 2009 by Government on management of investment construction project, the verification of design and qualification of design are specified as follows: 

Article 18. Qualification and approval of technical design and working drawing design 

1. Qualification and approval of design in case of three-step design 

a) As for technical design: 

Technical design will be qualified and approved
. Results of technical qualification and approval will be made by documents, including the followings: 

- Technical design is appropriate with basic design; 

- Logicality of structural solutions for construction work; 

- Conformity with construction codes and standards to be applied; 

- Assessment of safety for construction work; 

- Logicality of production line selection and process equipment for construction work with required technology; 

- Complying with regulations on environment, fire prevention and fighting; 

Project Owner can have Consultant hired for partly or wholly verification of above-mentioned contents, for making basis of qualification. Results of verification will be made by documents. 

b) As for working drawing design: 

Working drawing design must be confirmed by signature and sealed as to be approved, by Project Owner or their authorized representatives before putting into use. Project Owner can have Consultancy hired for construction supervision and checking of working drawing design, as well as confirmation signing in drawing before approval. 

2. Qualification and approval of working drawing design in case of two-step deisgn and one-step design 

a) As for two-step design, Project Owner will arrange the qualification and approval for working drawing design. As for one-step design, Project Owner will arrange the qualification of working drawing design for investor’s approval, together with economic - technical report of construction work. 

b) Contents of working drawing design qualification will be as specified at Point a, Item 1, in this article. 

c) Confirmation sealing of drawing before putting into use will be carried out as specified at Point b, Item 1, in this article. 

3. Cost of qualification and verification for construction design will be calculated in total investment rate and cost estimate of construction work.

Thus, design qualification will be carried out by Project Owner, Project Owner will have Consultancy hired for partly or wholly verification of project. 

3.6. Guidelines for application of cost rating of cost estimate verification. 

3.6.1. Cost for cost estimate verification will be specified according to the rate of percentage (%) (rating to be decleared in table no. 16 as specified in this Decision), multiplying with cost of construction (without VAT) in cost estimate of construction work or cost estimate of approved package. In case that, cost of equipment makes up a density of ≥ 50% of cost estimate value for construction work or cost estimate value for the package, the cost for verification of cost estimate will be adjusted with factor of K = 1.3.

3.6.2. Cost for verification of adjusted, supplemented, modified or re-verified cost estimate (not to be caused by Consultant of cost estimate verification) will be specified by making of cost estimate.